Volunteer Spotlight: Ron Grafman

Our very first Volunteer Spotlight is with Ron Grafman! Take a look at why Ron believes you should get involved with MSATP as a volunteer.


When did you join MSATP? 

Ron joined MSATP in 1984. Donald Hull was president and the one who signed his certificate.


What positions have you held on the Board?

The only position Ron has not held is Secretary! He has been Treasurer, Delegate, and was President from 2009-2010 during MSATP’s 50th anniversary. Most recently, he was the Board of Trustees Delegate.


What’s your favorite memory with MSATP?

Ron’s favorite memory with MSATP is when Sidney Weinberg, the founder of MSATP, told him that he had the potential to be a great president one day. Ron was not even considering running for president at that point in time, but years later he did! Ron was a fantastic president and did many great things for the society, just like Sidney predicted. 


Why should members become active within the organization?

Ron believes that we have a wonderful organization that really serves its members, therefore members should want to give back by volunteering. He would love to see more members get involved, because that’s what makes MSATP successful, and what makes it so great. When looking back on all his years of volunteering, Ron’s answer has never changed on this. 

Get involved and volunteer today! https://www.msatp.org/volunteer-program/