The Business Builders ThinkTank

We get it, owning a business can be lonely. Staying on top of regulations, managing client communications, working long hours, trying to figure out the best advisors and can all feel extremely challenging and overwhelming.

That’s why MSATP has an exclusive, members-only program called The Business Builders ThinkTank (BBTT). The BBTT is a practice owner peer group, similar to Vistage, EO, or other CEO peer groups, designed to create a safe and open space where business owners in the accounting and tax profession can connect with each other to discuss and work through challenges as you focus on scalability and development.

Employee To Entrepreneur

Taking the leap to leave a practice, corporation, or government entity can be as scary as it is exciting. That’s why MSATP hosts Employee to Entrepreneur, bi-annual panel discussions with practice owners who share invaluable insight for how to successfully make the transition.

The panel covers topics like choosing a business entity and business model, hiring subcontractors and employees, finding and connecting with your first clients, and more.

The Young Professionals Leadership Program

MSATP’s Young Professionals Leadership Program is a year-long educational training and development program designed to encourage qualifying individuals who display leadership skills to take charge in the new wave of accounting and tax preparation.

The Program curriculum specifically fosters a path to partnership within a firm or a path to starting their own practice. Each year, up to 10 professionals and students are accepted into the program.

Interview Bootcamp

To help job seekers prepare, MSATP offers an exclusive, interactive event: Interview Bootcamp For Tax & Accounting Job Seekers & Students.

When you attend this event, you'll have the opportunity to practice interview skills with an accounting HR professional, learn from mock interviews, and receive immediate feedback on your resume. We’ll also cover topics like how to dress and present yourself to increase your chances of moving past the initial round of interviews.

How to Get the Most Value Out Of Your Participation:
• Bring 2-3 copies of your resume
• Come dressed like you're attending a real interview
• Come with questions for the HR professionals