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A person who meets all of the following criteria:
• Must be an accountant, tax practitioner, or bookkeeper
• Must be actively engaged in the practice of his/her respective profession as an owner, partner, or principal.
• Must offer services to the public
• Must have at least two years experience in public practice
• Be licensed by a government agency to perform accounting or tax services, or be Accredited by the Accreditation Council of Accountancy and Taxation.
A person who meets the following criteria:
Accountants, tax practitioners, or bookkeepers actively engaged in the practice of their respective profession as owners, partners or principals who do not meet the other criteria to be classified as a member.
Individuals employed as accountants, tax practitioners, or bookkeepers in any area of business, industry, or government, and all other individuals concerned with the furtherance of the rights of accountants, licensed and unlicensed, to practice their profession in the State of Maryland.
A person who meets the following criteria:
Faculty and administrators of State approved colleges or universities, or community colleges.
Accounting, tax, or business students enrolled full time in a program leading to
a degree or certificate.
Applicant must not be qualified for another category. Please complete the student application form located here.

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Once you have completed the registration form call us toll free at (800) 922-9672

I hereby state that the accompanying statements are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief; and I further state that I have never been suspended or expelled from any professional organization and that I have not suppressed any information which might have a bearing on this application.

I further state that if I am accepted as a member I will abide by the Constitution and ByLaws of the Society and will practice strict conformity with the Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Society.

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