Our Story

The Maryland Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals (MSATP) was established in 1959 when proposed legislation threatened to make the word “accountant” exclusive to those individuals who passed their CPA exam.

We felt this was unjust to those professionals practicing accounting who decided not to sit for the exam, so we created a society to ensure all accounting, tax, and other financial service individuals and organizations had proper representation.

Ultimately, we won the battle and the legislation was not passed, but we realized this was only the beginning of a journey.

We scoured the country, enrolled national speakers, and started to build a best-in-class curriculum that was affordable for small to mid-size businesses.

This allegiance to quality education, active advocacy, and entrepreneurship and small business still sits at the heart of the Society. We are committed to maintaining the professional integrity of our members and lobbying to create an environment where small to mid-size firms can thrive.

Created with a Commitment to Community.
And snacks.

We practice these values in our practices and for yours.


We provide high quality education, professional compliance, and regulatory knowledge which enables our members to have the highest integrity within the profession.


We believe high-quality education should be affordable and accessible to everyone so they can maintain their professional integrity.


Our membership association is open to ALL accounting, financial and tax designations and demographics. We believe diversity fuels innovation and a healthy society.


We know growing a practice or a career can feel lonely and competitive. We pride ourselves on the open, kind, and cooperative spirit of our community where professionals can feel safe talking through their challenges and celebrating their success.


Laws and regulations can be tough to follow and have lasting consequences on businesses and the communities they serve. That’s why we work hard to advocate for the rights of our members and their clients.


Founded over 60 years ago to advocate for the right of accounting and tax professionals, MSATP has a proud history of serving Maryland’s economic engine—small business—and the accounting and tax professionals that own and service them.