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Veronica Tubman
Veronica Tubman works for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the Communications and Liaison Division as a Senior Stakeholder Liaison. As a Senior Stakeholder Liaison, she focuses on providing educational outreach to small business owners, community associations, self-employed individuals, practitioners, payroll preparers, tax professionals and other diverse groups as well as state, local as well as federal agencies throughout Maryland and beyond. She is a member of the National Webinar Cadre and is firmly committed to increasing educational resources, sharing key tax messages, maintaining open lines of communication, developing working partnerships and reaffirming the current ones. Veronica started her career with the IRS in 1984 and has served in many capacities. Her career in Collection has led her to a diversity of positions as Revenue Officer, Locator Services Coordinator, Lead-Cost Management Tax Force, Program Analyst, Disclosure Specialist, Analyst, Technical Services Reviewer, Advisor, and a variety of details. Veronica feels it is imperative to provide guidance on proper IRS procedures and policies to our communities on a timely basis to promote voluntary compliance of the law. Veronica remains thankful for another opportunity to serve others.