Fall 2017

3 MSATP News
3 MSATP 2017 – 2018 Board of Directors
4 Your New MSATP Benefit by Joe Tabeling
4 Simple is Better by Jeremy Friedman
5 After the Equifax Breach, is it Time to Freeze Your Credit? by Dave Kile
6 Believe It or Not, It’s Another AMAZING Part of the Tax Code By Jerry Lotz
7 Senate Bill 57: Income Tax Credit – Class F Vehicles by Comptroller of MD
8 Technology Smorgabord by Al Giovetti
10 Identify Your Family’s Financial Priorities by Jim Seminara
11 13 Reasons Why NOT to Invest an IRA in Real Property by Bob Jennings
11 NSA State Director’s Report By Ron Grafman
12 News from the Maryland Society of Accountants Scholarship Foundation