MSATP TV: Lunch and Learn with Rob Smith

Join us for a tax season Lunch and Learn with Rob Smith. Learn more about this class below.


  1.  OneNote Setup Best Practices a. Make sure you are using the right OneNote and why b. Learn what settings and preferences you should change c. Learn how and why you should download Onetastic
  2. OneDrive vs SharePoint a. Learn when you should use OneDrive or SharePoint for storage
  3. Discover why going through Teams is best practice to setup your notebooks
  4. Discuss best practices notebooks for individual and firm setup
  5. Mobile Setup a. Setup your “briefcase” notebook and turn your phone into a mobile scanner

Probably the most important thing in using OneNote is making sure it’s set up correctly. In this lunch-n-learn, you will learn how to better set up OneNote to fit your needs. The examples shown reflect how a small to mid sized accounting firm would set up their firm notebooks and employee individual notebooks.

To view the slides in this presentation, click here: