MSATP Announces 2024 Legislative Priorities

As we enter the legislative session this January, MSATP will be at the forefront, advocating for policies that support tax, tax preparation, and small business interests. Our 2024 Legislative Priorities are thoughtfully designed to reflect and further our mission statement.

Here’s how:

Business Tax Environment: We stand against complex tax rules like the throwback rule and mandatory unitary combined reporting. Our stance is based on fostering a thriving business environment for our members, especially for solo practitioners and small to mid-sized firms.
Sales Tax on Services: We oppose expanding sales tax on services, as it could adversely affect small and mid-sized businesses, which are less equipped to handle new expenses or administrative tasks.
Maryland’s De-coupling Provisions: We advocate for a careful evaluation of Maryland’s tax laws to ensure they are in harmony with federal regulations, allowing our members to provide accurate and current advice.
Remote Work Tax Policies: In light of the shift toward remote work, we push for clear and permanent tax policies so our members can offer reliable counsel and manage their businesses effectively in this new era.
Exploring Alternatives to Raising Taxes: We encourage the exploration of alternatives to tax hikes, aiming to create a business environment conducive to the growth of our member firms.
Guarding Against Deceptive Tax Practices: Protecting taxpayers, especially the elderly, from scams is paramount. We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in our profession.

The legislative priorities of MSATP are a direct extension of our mission to support and safeguard our members’ businesses, advocate for the profession, and ensure professional integrity. Through these priorities, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to creating a supportive legislative climate that allows our member businesses to flourish while maintaining ethical standards and fostering a sense of community within the profession.