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Everything we do is with the goal in mind of helping organizations to SAVE MONEY!

Working as agents for CSSI (, we help business owners and tax professionals understand and comply with the IRS Tangible Property Regulations. By defining and quantifying building systems that qualify for accelerated tax depreciation (5, 7 and 15 years vs. traditional 27.5 or 39 yr. depreciation) using Cost Segregation, business owners can put more money, more quickly back into their pockets vs. letting the IRS hold the money. We even perform little known forensic Cap-Ex Reversal studies. The bottom line is unprecedented TAX SAVINGS for owners/lessors of commercial/residential rental property and multi-family property!

We facilitate R&D tax incentives, property tax appeals and coordinate additional tax and cost savings initiatives by helping clients save on everyday recurring expenses, save on LED lighting projects and implement 179D and 45L tax incentives for energy efficiency. We also help organizations maximize efficiency and save on their consumption of natural gas and electricity. Lastly, we help homeowners and renters subscribe to “Community Solar” ( ) where they can support a green, more environmentally friendly initiative at NO COST and even save an additional 10% at the same time.   We serve the healthcare, recreational, manufacturing, industrial, retail, human service, municipal and non-profit business sectors.

With the advent of the 2014 Tangible Property Regulations, the 2016 PATH act, the TCJA of 2017 and the CARES ACT, there are MANY potential opportunities for building owners/lessors to save money. We can provide positive return on investment for properties ranging from $250k and up! Ask me for a FREE “Pre-Analysis” of potential TAX SAVINGS for your clients who have residential rental, multi-family and/or commercial property. There is NO RISK to inquire and there is a STRONG likelihood we’ll find significant tax savings opportunities!

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