That’s not to say we don’t have respect for them.

In fact, many of our members worked at sizeable firms before starting their own practices – and that’s exactly who we built our community for – entrepreneurs looking to connect with like-minded professionals.

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In addition to seminars for continuing education, the Society hosts a variety of networking events and member appreciation events throughout the year. See upcoming events ›
Whether you’re looking for a mentor, want to find bookkeepers to add to your growing practice, or need to tap the knowledge of a qualified expert for unique client situation, MSATP will help you build relationships with members who fit your criteria. Start Building Your Network ›
Our members’ businesses are constantly expanding and transitioning. Get exclusive access to new career opportunities. Find Your Next Career ›
You’ve put your time in and developed your skills at larger firms, now you’re ready to start your own practice or, are you seeking a qualified professional to purchase your practice and take care of the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build? Buy or Sell a Practice Now ›

Volunteers represent a key component of MSATP

• They provide support to the staff during seminars and events

• Their dedicated involvement in the society allows them to successfully represent the society at trade shows

• The experience they bring plays an integral role in guiding the society through involvement with committees and the board of directors

MSATP was created by and functions through the involvement of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering send the society a message. Through involvement, the society can become the organization you want to see. Email info@msatp.org to start the conversation today. 

Interested in our committees?
Discover how our members are shaping the organization.

The Committee develops a 1-3-day event to induct the new board, recognize outstanding volunteers and guests, and address the business of the Society before the membership.
The committee was formed to assist members, spouses, and family members should the need arise. The committee works with the member’s family in the time of illness, disaster, or death to keep the business value in-tact; and assists in immediate tax reporting, and/or the selling of business, if required.
The Society has many volunteers who provides a multitude of services. The Committee recognizes those members and other individuals who have gone above and beyond to provide service to the Society and its members at our annual awards ceremony during the Annual Meeting.
The Bylaws Committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the MSATP’s bylaws, which is the set of rules that guide its operations and activities. The Committee reviews the Bylaws annual to make sure they are current with Maryland law and represents the mission statement of the Society.
The CPR Committee keeps a watchful eye on the agencies, organizations, and governmental authorities which can affect your right to practice in Maryland.
Every member who offers services to the public must have the knowledge to perform the best service possible for his/her client. The Education Committee is charged with providing timely, affordable, and valuable education so every professional who participates can achieve educational excellence. Within the committee, is the Solo and Small Firm Principals Retreat Committee. The committee is constructs a weekend event for accounting and tax principal owners. This event provides invaluable information on the issues faced by owners, the ability to network with peers, and establish business connections.
This Committee has a fiduciary responsibility to the membership to protect the funds of the Society, a not-for-profit entity, by making appropriate and sound financial decisions.
The committee is charged with establishing the long range goals of the MSATP. This is accomplished by an annual review of the strategic plan and the evaluation of the current activities and the accomplishments of the Society. The committee needs to promote the organizations goals to the membership through the website and announcements at their educational events.
The membership of the Society is the heart and soul of the Society. This committee is charged with keeping the members up-to-date on the various benefits, providing information on the issues facing the profession, reporting on current changes in tax law and accounting standards, and providing an united voice in every situation. These endeavors are achieved by using the best and most affordable marketing options. Within the committee, is a sub-committee for young professionals and students. The focus of the sub-committee is to educate, guide, and mentor the young professionals and students as they experience the adventure of becoming an accounting or tax professional.
Per the By-Laws, the leadership of the Society is elected annually. The Nominating Committee evaluates, interviews, and recommends a new slate of officers who will represent the interests of the entire membership, has a vision for the Society, and provides the best leadership to guide the Society through daily challenges.

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The Society has 10 active committees, and we’re always looking for new committee members and ideas on how to continue to provide quality services to our organization. 

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