Built Around a Mission

MSATP is a collective embodiment of solo, small, and mid-sized accounting, tax, and financial service businesses working together to create an environment in which our members’ businesses can thrive.

We do this by creating opportunities to build relationships and community, advocating to protect the profession(s), and providing continuing education and resources to help members maintain professional integrity.

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Created from a Commitment

The MSATP was established in 1959 when proposed legislation threatened to make the word “accountant” exclusive to those individuals who passed their CPA exam.

We felt this was unjust to those professionals practicing accounting who decided not to sit for the exam, so we created a society to ensure all accounting, tax, and other financial service individuals and organizations had proper representation.

Ultimately, we won the battle and the legislation was not passed, but we realized this was only the beginning of a journey.

To prove that our members are just as qualified and professional whether they hold the designation CPA, or not, the Society embarked on a mission to deliver high-quality education and resources to our members.

We scoured the country, enrolled national speakers, and started to build a best-in-class curriculum that was affordable for the small to mid-size businesses.

This allegiance to quality education and active advocacy still sits at the heart of the Society. We are committed to maintaining the professional integrity of our members and lobbying to create an environment where small to mid-size firms can thrive.


Practice with Professional Integrity

We provide high quality education, professional compliance, and regulatory knowledge which enables our members to have the highest integrity within the profession.

Affordable, Quality Education

We are committed to providing high-quality education at an affordable price for every accounting, financial and tax designation. In addition to hosting top notch speakers addressing trending and timely issues and topics, we help members track continuing education professional standards and filing requirements.

Accept All Designations

Our membership association is open to ALL accounting, financial and tax designation and demographics.

Build Together

We create networking and relationship opportunities for our members and their business.


We stay on top of enacted and proposed legislative issues that impact the MSATP membership and the clients they serve

Impacting Communities

In addition to providing advocacy for the accounting industry, we are passionate advocates of bringing financial literacy to the general public, in particular, our young people.

MSATP partners with the Maryland Coalition for Financial Literacy to advocate and integrate financial literacy programs in high schools. We are developing programs to teach students how to manage cash, credit cards, debit cards, and loans so they can create and build wealth and make informed financial decisions.