The Maryland Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals Welcomes New Board Members for 2023

The Maryland Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals (MSATP) proudly announces the election and appointment of its new board members, whose tenure will commence on July 1, 2023. The recent elections reflect the Society’s commitment to leadership excellence and dedication to serving Maryland’s accounting and tax professionals.

Meet the New Board
Donya Oneto has been elected as the new President of the MSATP. With her vast experience in accounting and strong leadership skills, she is poised to lead the Society in achieving its goals and objectives. Her innovative thinking and dedication to excellence will undoubtedly steer the Society to new heights.

Ellen Silverstein will be serving as the First Vice President. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role. Her appointment promises to strengthen the Society’s core values and ensure steady growth.

Hannah Coyle has been chosen as the Second Vice President. Coyle’s expertise and commitment to the profession’s development will be a great asset in her new role.

Jonathan Riviln will be taking on the role of Secretary. His organizational acumen and meticulous attention to detail will serve to bolster the Society’s operations and documentation processes.

Ann F. Elliott has been elected to the important position of Treasurer. Her financial prowess and ethical standards make her the perfect fit to oversee the Society’s financial matters.

Barbara Smith will assume the role of Immediate Past President. Her continued involvement ensures that the board will benefit from her experience and insights as they chart the future direction of the Society.

Introducing the Delegates
In addition to the executive positions, five delegates have been elected: Sean Coggins, Matthew Eddleman, Michael Kohler, Michael McIlhargey, and Nicole Moore.
Although new to the board, Nicole Moore has been an active volunteer on many committees. Her first term as a board delegate is eagerly anticipated, as her previous involvement has demonstrated her commitment and contribution to the Society’s mission.

Christine Giovetti will be serving as the Board of Trustees Delegate. Her expertise and dedication to the profession make her a valuable addition to the MSATP governance structure.

Looking to the Future
These new board members will play a pivotal role in supporting and advancing the objectives of the Maryland Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals. With their combined expertise and dedication, the Society looks forward to an era of innovation, growth, and excellence in service to Maryland’s accounting and tax professionals.

MSATP congratulates the new board members and expresses gratitude to the outgoing board for their dedicated service.