Tips for a Smoother CPE Season

Ah, the holidays! While this can be a joyous time, it is equally and undeniably stressful. There are presents to buy and wrap, parties and dinners to attend, and last-minute CPE to obtain!


Okay, maybe that last part doesn’t apply to everyone, but it certainly applies to us. Trying to get your credit hours in right before the year ends adds unnecessary stress to your December. Not only is your time limited during the holidays, but the availability of seminars is limited as well. What’s left is often sold out, or the one seminar you need has already come and gone. So, how do you keep this from happening next year?


Know What You Need

Do you know how many hours of CPE you need every year? Do any of those hours need to be state-related? Wait, what about an ethics class?

These are not questions you want to be asking at the very end of the year only to find out you’ve missed the seminars you need to take. Find your CPE requirements here to figure out what courses are right for you. Don’t forget that members can call the office to register for their free ethics course!

Plan Ahead

Look out for our annual Education Guide. You’ll find everything from the seminar schedule to hotel information to fun events (Holiday Soirée, anyone?). Take a look at what’s being offered. Remember to check dates, locations, and speakers in case these details affect your decisions on which seminars to take. Webinars are also available for our live seminars and are a great alternative if you can’t make it in-person.

Register online or call the office as soon as you know what you want to sign up for. Some seminars, particularly tax updates and 1040s, sell out quickly. The sooner you register, the better.

Stay Informed

Remember that Education Guide I mentioned? While it does lay out our entire schedule for the seminar season, sometimes we are able to add more seminars and webinar rebroadcasts after the Education Guide has been published. Check our website regularly to see if anything new has been added (and to see how many spots are left in a seminar). Likewise, make sure you are subscribed to our email list to receive updates on new seminars as well as reminders and other important information.

Complete CPE Early

Sometimes, we miss the seminars we signed up for. We get sick, cars break down—anything can happen. If possible, try to take your CPE early in the seminar season. If you’re unable to attend, this allows you to reschedule to other seminars throughout the rest of the year.

MSATP hopes you enjoy your holiday season and that, with these tips, you enjoy next year’s even more!