The Importance Of Self-Reflection

It’s natural for us to want to be the best at what we do. We get so caught up in building our future, though, that most of the time, we forget to take a moment and evaluate ourselves.

As the 2019 tax season begins, think about how the last one went. Did you meet your deadlines? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to? Did you take care of yourself? Did you feel burned out when it was all over?

Though it’s unhealthy to get stuck in the past or to think about what could have been, asking yourself how a situation made you feel or thinking about what you learned from it prompts you to draw conclusions that can help you create better, more productive experiences in the future.

If you accomplished your goals last year but you sacrificed your peace of mind, try to change that this year. Think about what you could’ve done better, whether thats eating healthier, working shorter hours, or being more available for your clients. Did you know about the tax law changes beforehand, or did you have to scramble to learn about them last minute?

Because of all the changes the IRS has made, you may feel overwhelmed in the upcoming weeks. Remember that your attitude and your perspective are key. If you approach your goals thinking there’s nothing standing in your way from accomplishing them, you will.

On last week’s Facebook Live, Jeff Miller of Jeff Miller Consulting Alliance shared the following equation with MSATP members: Reflection + Perspective + Attitudes + Behavior = Outcomes. To hear more about what this equation means, check out the recording of the Facebook Live on our YouTube channel.