Taxpayers Fleeing Maryland

Seems like every couple years MD attempts to implement a sales tax on services. Prior to the last attempt several years ago the tax on services idea was nixed as they discovered many government contractors would simply move their business to N. Va or another “business friendly” state. The powers that be determined MD would lose not only business and the taxes that go along but many employees.

The legislators have no clue what it takes to run a small business. Evidence the HSA debacle. Now insurance companies are requesting premium increases of close to 20% (the two that will sell on the exchange that is). The thought is most receive subsidies, which many of us do not qualify for, meaning those paying the unsubsidized cost are the “beasts of burden”. I wrote to several legislators last year after my premium went from ~1800 to ~2600. The responses I received were enlightening – those who represent us are clueless. The only elected official whose response indicated an understanding the dilemma we and many of our small business clients face was Gail Bates.

I too am unable to keep up with the increases which means I’m losing money. Politics aside depending on who becomes the next governor, I am seriously considering a move – working remotely gives one more options.