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Jenny Varteressian
Jenny is a licensed attorney that received her law degree from the University of Tulsa College of Law. Upon graduation, Jenny began to work as a tax attorney specializing in R&D tax credits for one of the nation’s largest providers of specialty tax credits and incentives. During her time here, Jenny worked with hundreds of clients spanning across a multitude of industries for companies large and small throughout the United States. Through this experience Jenny gained enough experience to be brought on as a Director of an R&D tax credit firm located in her hometown of Austin, Texas. Here, she spearheaded the company’s R&D tax department and helped them to grow exponentially. After becoming a partner at an R&D firm on the west coast, Jenny wanted to be closer to home and to take a more active role engaging with clients, so she began working with Brian Broussard at TaxIncennovations in Houston, Texas. Her favorite part about working in the R&D business is aiding companies in creating benefits that will allow them to reinvest in their business. She brings to each project unique legal insight into the legislative intent behind the Tax Code, controlling regulations, and case law.