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Stephen Reyes
Bellator Cyber Guard
Meet Stephen Reyes, a Cyber Security Professional with experience in various focuses such as automation, networking, Cyber Security, and digital infrastructure. Stephen has dedicated his career to ensuring that businesses and individuals have the knowledge and tools necessary to protect their sensitive information and assets from cyber threats. Stephen has a BA from Temple University majoring in MIS. His expertise in Cyber Security has earned many certifications including several from the AICPA. His passion for Cyber Security and commitment to helping others stay safe in the digital world have made him a sought-after expert in the field. In his current role as a Chief Information Officer, Stephen helps identify cyber risks, implement robust security measures, and respond to cyber incidents. Stephen has developed a seamless experience while helping the accountants he works with understand the techniques being used to secure them. With the rise of cyber threats targeting the financial industry, Stephen has made it a priority to educate accountants on the importance of Cyber Security. He understands the critical role that accountants play in safeguarding their clients' financial information and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, such as those set by the IRS.