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Peter Haukebo Esq
Frost Law
Peter Haukebo, Esq. is a tax attorney and a Director in the Tax Controversy practice group at Frost Law. Since 2020, Peter has leveraged his background in tax and corporate law to work with business owners throughout the U.S. to help them claim much-needed relief from PPP, EIDL, and the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). His familiarity with the ever-changing tax code and recent legislation allows him to provide second opinions for businesses even if they already filed a claim so that the business owner can properly maximize their tax credits received. His efforts have helped inform hundreds of business owners on the intricacies of ERC and allowed many to claim significant refundable tax credits. Peter’s other tax and business law experience focuses on the areas of tax controversy, tax planning, and business transactions. He also manages a team of attorneys and oversees the Legal Innovation Department at the law firm. Prior to joining the firm in 2018, he practiced at Chaney | Haukebo LLP.