Gerald Kelly, Esq


Law Office of Gerald W Kelly


Since leaving the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) and entering the private practice of law, I have devoted my professional career to representing clients involved in IRS audits, collection matters, and criminal investigations. I have defended individuals and businesses embroiled in the most challenging federal tax controversies. I lead a team of attorneys, enrolled agents, former IRS Officers, paralegals, and support staff that are ready and able to assist with any IRS issue.

During my tenure as a Revenue Officer, I received extensive training in the techniques and strategies used by the IRS. I also received numerous awards and promotions during my IRS career based on my effective handling of the cases assigned to me. In short, I know how the IRS officers and agents think. Since 1997, I have used my IRS experience and training to zealously advocate for my clients. I provide legal assistance in the following types of cases: Offer in Compromise, IRS audit, unpaid business taxes, tax litigation, criminal tax investigation, tax lien, tax levy, trust fund recovery penalty, unfiled returns, penalty relief, tax settlements, and all other types of tax controversies.

While it must be noted that cases and the results obtained are unique, in past civil engagements, my clients have been relieved of many millions of dollars in proposed and assessed obligations to the IRS. In criminal cases, clients facing lengthy periods of incarceration have avoided prison time. My knowledge of IRS procedures, years of experience in tax controversy matters, and tenacity have prevented catastrophes from occurring and resulted in favorable outcomes for my clients.