TaxSpeaker 1040 Tax In Depth ***Special WEBINAR Series***

TaxSpeaker 1040 Tax In Depth ***Special WEBINAR Series***
December 20, 2021
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
$400 Members
$450 Non-Members


Date Title Eastern Central Mountain Pacific Alaska Hawaii
12/20 Whats New (1) 6-8pm 5-7pm 4-6pm 3-5pm 2-4pm 12-2pm
12/21 Whats New (2) 6-8pm 5-7pm 4-6pm 3-5pm 2-4pm 12-2pm
12/22 Chap 2 6-8pm 5-7pm 4-6pm 3-5pm 2-4pm 12-2pm
12/23 Chap 2&3 6-8pm 5-7pm 4-6pm 3-5pm 2-4pm 12-2pm
12/27 Chap 4 6-8pm 5-7pm 4-6pm 3-5pm 2-4pm 12-2pm
12/28 Chap 5 6-8pm 5-7pm 4-6pm 3-5pm 2-4pm 12-2pm
12/29 Chap 6 & 7 6-8pm 5-7pm 4-6pm 3-5pm 2-4pm 12-2pm
12/30 Chap 7 & 8 6-8pm 5-7pm 4-6pm 3-5pm 2-4pm 12-2pm

Chapter 1: What’s New
Chapter 2: Form 1040 through Schedule SE, plus foreign income and Form 8949
Chapter 3: Virtual Currency and Internet Economy Issues
Chapter 4: Forms 982-6198
Chapter 5: Forms 6251-8879 including surtaxes, health savings accounts and QBI
Chapter 6: Credits & Education
Chapter 7: IRAs and Security
Chapter 8: IRS and client letters including 2021 engagement letter

Our 2021 course will include detailed coverage, with planning ideas, of the latest changes from the 2021 Tax Acts from the new President, in-depth analyses of court cases and IRS pronouncements with special focus coverage of sole proprietorship issues and IRA’s as well as our annual review of common preparation. Because this is TaxSpeaker’s® flagship course participants are assured of receiving the best, most thorough and hands-on individual tax preparation education available in the country. The manual includes over 1,300 hyperlinked citations to the accompanying free online tax research library.

The 1040 In Depth course manual is America’s only independently awarded recognition for multiple years as the top Research live course CPE manual in the country. With over 1,100 pages of practitioner-written guidance, organized in the logical form order used by the IRS to assemble returns, participants receive both a printed and electronic manual. Written and taught by actual practitioners known for high-energy presentations in educational and humorous, yet informative manners, this course has been ranked as TaxSpeaker’s® finest course for 15 straight years. Because all of our speakers are required to personally prepare, for compensation at least 200 returns annually, participants are assured of receiving practical guidance, excellent speakers, and dozens of checklists, worksheets and client letters while obtaining the latest “What’s New” information. The registration fee includes the E-Book (1,100 pages), Power Point PDF (500 slides) and (1) Fingertip Facts handout mailed to you after the course is completed.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to properly report amounts on clients’ Form 1040 returns that appear on various 3rd party forms, properly prepare Form 1040 and its various schedules; properly file the above forms with Form 1040 when required; Determine if clients qualify to take various credits on their 1040 returns to reduce taxable income; Properly deduct disaster losses on Form 1040; Provide clients with methods of saving for their children’s college education and determine if they qualify for various education credits and deductions to reduce taxable income; Prepare to handle IRS audits of your clients; Comply with the requirements imposedby the Circular 230 regulations; Advise clients who are members of the military on special taxation rules.



Number of Hours:
16 (Recommended)

Knowledge of Tax Law Regulations

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Group Internet Based

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Recommended For:
CPA (16), EA (16), Maryland Preparer (16)

Approved By:
NASBA, IRS, State of Maryland