Firm of the Future, Columbia, MD

Firm of the Future, Columbia, MD
January 01, 1970
12:00 AM
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The practice of accounting has been around for as long as humanity has had a need to keep track of the transfer of goods and services among people. Artifacts, some 7,000 years old reveal that people have been keeping track of transactions since as long as we have had agriculture and lived in those first ancient cities.

This course will tell the story of our profession, from where we’ve come from, where we are now, and where we are heading.

Your presenter, Jonathan Rivlin, learned the practice of accounting from his father using 13 column paper and a mechanical pencil. Now, we are able to manage our clients’ payroll and accounting from our phones and can provide real time information that enable our clients to have something that heretofore was only available to large enterprises: internal control and actionable metrics. If this sounds like the future to you, you need this class, because it is in fact the present.

As our society evolves, as our clients age and their children take over, we must come to grips with the idea that ‘What got us here will not take us there.’ In order to be ready to serve our communities, we must lead our clients forward. This course will help you more than remain relevant, it will help you be that critical can’t-do-without professional that our clients look to and trust in a future where the only constant is change.


The seminar will cover the following objectives:

1) The ‘paperless’ office
2) Cloud apps for accounting (an overview)
3) Cyber security
4) Rethinking each procedure from scheduling appointments to delivering the finished product
5) Business models
a. Hourly
b. Project Fees
c. Subscription fees, etc
6) Staffing concerns
7) RPI, AI, ML (Robotic Process Initiative, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning)
8) The business case for these items
a. Clients demand it
b. Domestic staffing concerns
c. Improved efficiency, bottom line


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