Retirement Plans, Deferred Compensation and Other Employee Benefits REBROADCAST, Webinar

Retirement Plans, Deferred Compensation and Other Employee Benefits REBROADCAST, Webinar
January 01, 1970
12:00 AM
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This comprehensive seminar will provide a greater understanding of the requirements of federal and state laws and the regulations relating to the various employee benefits. The program will explore the tax treatment of all types of fringe benefits, the extent to which discrimination is permitted and the suitability of each based on type of entity. The material covered will be intended to allow the accountant to advise clients as to selection of the best benefits for both key employees and staff.

The first third of the session will focus on qualified retirement plans including defined benefits plans and various types of defined contribution plans such as comparability, age-weighted and 401(k) plans.

The middle third will examine various types of non-qualified deferred compensation such as restricted stock units (RSUs), options, profits interests and phantom equity. The effect of Section 83(b) elections to accelerate taxation voluntarily and Section 409A to accelerate taxation involuntarily will be covered.

The final third will feature a potpourri of fringe benefits including employer paid medical and transportation costs. New guidance concerning meals and entertainment as well as employee parking will be discussed.


The participant will increase their knowledge on:

1. The various retirement plans and their limitations
2. The rules and regulations governing deferred compensation programs including options, appreciation of rights and phantom equity.
3. What, if any, limitations on other employee benefits
4. Determ the taxable and non-taxable benefits and how to properly report them
5. Proper compliance of benefits and the pitfalls of not proper reporting


Stein Sperling DeJong Bennett Driscoll

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4 (Recommended)

Knowledge of Tax Law Rules and Regulations

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Group Internet Based

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CPA (4), EA (4), AFSP (4), Maryland Preparer (4)

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NASBA, IRS, State of Maryland