TaxSpeaker Business Tax In Depth, Webinar

TaxSpeaker Business Tax In Depth, Webinar
January 01, 1970
12:00 AM
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The Tax Cuts bill changed everything we know about the formation and operation of C
corporations, LLC’s and S corporations. With in-depth coverage of LLC, S and C corporate
tax issues the 2020 in-depth course will also include detailed analyses of the choice of
entity that best fits the taxpayer, and corporate formation issues. The LLC chapter will
provide guidance on the new partnership audit regulations; the C corporation chapter will
discuss the new tax rate and penalty taxes; and the S corporation chapter will examine
the 20% flow through deduction, plus the impact of the new tax law on built in gains and
the interaction of wages vs. the flow through deduction. Combining the 3 focus areas of C
corporations, S corporations and LLC taxation with these two special topics will make this
one of the most relevant courses a participant will take in 2020.
Every chapter has been updated for the effects of the end-of-2019 Budget Bill and
both March 2020 tax bills, with in-depth discussion and examples of those changes!
2020 changes are all coming together with 4 different bills into a massive year of
tax changes.
In response to your requests, our S Corporation chapter has been expanded with a
new completed 2019 Form 1120S case study, discussion of Passive income and
Built in Gains and analyses of this year’s court cases. The C Corporation chapter
has also been updated reflecting all of the new NOL changes. The Business interest
chapter now includes the brand new law changes and the LLC chapter-wow, the
biggest year of changes for LLC’s since 1986.
All attendees receive the hyperlinked PDF E-Book and this year we will also provide
discussion of corporate pension plans because of the newly upgraded new pension plan

**Due to the reduced pricing of the webinars, all manuals will be delivered electronically. If you would like a hard copy of the manual for a TaxSpeaker event, the cost is $50. Please call the MSATP office at (800) 922-9672 for more details. Thank you.**


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to-Explain the latest changes in tax law to your business clients; Summarize the various methods of accounting that are available; Determine the appropriate treatment for various business expenses; Assist clients with the formation of a C or an S corporation; Define a controlled group and determine the tax issues that are affected with controlled groups; Determine the proper classification of individuals working for you and assist clients in determining if individuals working for them are employees or independent contractors; Inform clients of the various characteristics and tax implications of the C corporation form of business entity; Determine if a corporation qualifies to file the election for S status; and much more.



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16 (Recommended)

Knowledge of Tax Law Regulations

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Group Internet Based

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Recommended For:
CPA (16), EA (16), CFP (16), AFSP (16), Maryland Preparer (16)

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NASBA, IRS, Certified Financial Planning Board, State of Maryland