Returning to the Office Part-Time? This may be a Tip for You!

by Walter Moore

As the new normal returns some of us may begin to return to office in a staggered or part-time fashion. While many of us have laptops now, one thing you may note is “I have all this equipment that connects to my computer now so what do I do? Do I need to plug all that in and unplug it all the time?” Well that is simple with an old solution, a docking station. This piece of equipment, while once a staple in the corporate world I’ve noticed with some offices, having all-in-one computers, virtual desktops and even still compact desktops, we moved away from laptops with a docking station.

A docking station connects to your laptop by a single port, typically by standard USB or even USB-type C connection (to my newer android users this is the same style cable you use to charge your phone). This connection allows your computer in many cases to charge, utilize up to 3 or even 4 screens using various connections depending upon the docking station, internet access and even expand the amount of USB ports your laptop has. Best of all you can leave everything plugged in at home and have a second docking station at your office. Your new one plug connection allows you to plug in and have full access to your equipment.

One thing to be sure of is to make sure the docking station matches your laptop. With their being so many laptops and specifications available I highly recommend contacting the laptop manufacturer or your IT department to determine which is best. I hope this professional blog helps you as you make the best possible transition into your new normal.

– Walter Moore