Summer 2017

3 MSATP News
3 MSATP 2017 – 2018 Board of Directors
4 Valuing Your Company: Knowing Your Worth Makes It Easier to Plan Ahead by Jim Seminara
5 ACA/BCRA Healthcare Compliance Update by Dana Brunn
6 What is Happening in the World of Apple? By Al Giovetti
8 Cyber Security: Protecting Your Client’s Data by Bob Olsen
9 Trash… Treasure… or Both? by Jerry Lotz
9 Maryland Healthy Working Families Act by Darla McClure
10 Do You Really Need Two-Factor Authentication? by Dave Kile
10 Microsoft OneNote Tips & Tricks By Steve Deming
11 Endow Maryland Tax Credit Promotes Charitable Giving for Local Communities By ENDOW Maryland
11 Individual Tax Planning – A Short List By Bob Jennings
12 Solo and Small Firm Principals Conference by Marion Thompson
12 Meet the MSATP Staff