News For Your Week Ahead: October 8, 2021

This week, Jonathan Rivlin, CPA gave us a full rundown of his upcoming seminar/webinar on October 21, including some new and exciting updates to the course. If you have not thought about what your firm should look like given the new electronic payment thresholds like Venmo and PayPal, don’t miss this course! Check out the details below.

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Coming Up: On Thursday, October 14, at 10 a.m., Allen Ayers, CPA, CFP will be joining us to discuss his upcoming seminar and webinar, Mergers & Contingency Planning on October 21, 2021.

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Farmers and Ranchers Affected by Drought Have Additional Time to Replace Livestock | Tax Tip 2021-146

Farmers and ranchers who were forced to sell livestock due to drought may get extra time to replace the livestock and defer tax on any gains from the forced sales. Here are some facts about this to help farmers understand how the deferral works and if they are eligible.

  • The one-year extension gives eligible farmers and ranchers until the end of the tax year after the first drought-free year to replace the sold livestock.
  • The farmer or rancher must be in an applicable region. An applicable region is a county designated as eligible for federal assistance, as well as counties contiguous to that county.

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N-2021-58: Extension Timeframes for Elections and Payments of COBRA Premiums | N-2021-58

Notice 2021-58 clarifies the application of the extension of timeframes by the Joint Notice (85 FR 26351, May 4, 2020) and EBSA Disaster Notice 2021-01 (Feb. 26, 2021) (Emergency Relief Notices) to elections and payments of COBRA premiums during the COVID-19 National Emergency. This notice clarifies that the disregarded period for an individual to elect COBRA continuation coverage and the disregarded period for the individual to make initial and subsequent COBRA premium payments generally run concurrently. This notice also addresses the interaction of these rules with the ARP COBRA premium assistance and Notice 2021-31, 2021-23 IRB 1173 (June 7, 2021).

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ABLE Accounts: A Valuable Financial Solution For People with Disabilities | Tax Tip 2021-148

Achieving a Better Life Experience or ABLE accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities and their families. These accounts help disabled people pay qualified disability-related expenses without affecting their eligibility for government assistance programs.

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Here’s How A Taxpayer’s Custody Situation May Affect Their Advance Child Tax Credit Payments | COVID Tax Tip 2021-147

Parents who share custody of their children should be aware of how the advance child tax credit payments are distributed. It is important to remember that these are advance payments of a tax credit that taxpayers expect to claim on their 2021 tax return. Understanding how the payments work will parents to unenroll, if they choose, and possibly avoid a possible tax bill when they file next year.

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