News For Your Week Ahead: June 24, 2022

MSATP is excited to introduce our new Executive Director, Giavante’ Hawkins!

Giavante’ earned a bachelor’s in Sociology at Saint Vincent College and a master’s degree in Non-Profit and Association Management at the University of Maryland University College. She has accrued considerable management and leadership experience working with various organizations, including McKinley Marketing Partners, Foundation for Excellence in Education, and American Bankers Association. She has received recognition for achieving organizational targets and growth metrics throughout her career.

In her previous role Giavante’ served as the Director of Membership Operations at the American Bankers Association. Giavante’ was responsible for the annual due’s revenue cycle capturing $45 million in annual dues, member engagement, and the day-to-day operational functions of the Membership Department.

Giavante’ enjoys spending time with her family, weightlifting, and traveling in her spare time. A native Washingtonian, Giavante’ currently resides in Anne Arundel County.

Giavante’s top priorities are to work alongside the Board of Directors to serve the members and enhance the member experience while growing a diverse and inclusive membership community.

If you would like to speak to Giavante’, you can call the office at (800) 922-9672, or email her at ghawkins@msatp.org.


IRS Expands Voice Bot Options For Faster Service, Less Wait Time | IR-2022-127

The IRS has expanded voice bot options to help eligible taxpayers easily verify their identity to set up or modify a payment plan while avoiding long wait times.

Voice bots run on software powered by artificial intelligence, which enables a caller to navigate an interactive voice response. The IRS has been using voice bots on numerous toll-free lines since January, enabling taxpayers with simple payment or notice questions to get what they need quickly and avoid waiting. Taxpayers can always speak with an English- or Spanish-speaking IRS telephone representative if needed.

For more information, click here.

Senate Finance Committee Votes Unanimously To Advance Retirement Legislation | via Wolters Kluwer IntelliConnect

The Enhance American Retirement Now (EARN) Act, the Senate version of the House-passed SECURE 2.0 Act, has cleared the Senate Finance Committee.

The bill, designed to help make it easier for Americans to save more money for retirement, contains a number of tax provisions to help people save as well as access saved funds to help in emergency situations.

It passed by a unanimous vote during a June 22, 2022 during an open executive session held by the committee. The specific legislative language was not released, but a chairman’s mark describing the bill and its intended effects was released and that was the basis for the committee vote. A section-by-section summary of the bill can be found here.

IRS Will Not Issue Letter Rulings on Whether Certain Transactions Result in Employer Reversion | via Wolters Kluwer IntelliConnect

The IRS announced it would not issue letter rulings on whether an employer reversion from a qualified plan occurred under Code Sec. 4980(c)(2) in connection with a spin-off/termination transaction that involved excess assets. A spin-off/termination transaction that involves excess assets means a transaction where (1) less than 100 percent of the assets of a defined benefit plan are spun off to another defined benefit plan sponsored or maintained by the same employer; (2) the defined benefit plan receiving the assets that have been spun off is terminated within a short period of time after receiving those assets; and (3) assets remain in the trust of the terminated defined benefit plan after all benefits are distributed to or on behalf of all participants and their beneficiaries.


The IRS answers inquiries from individuals and organizations regarding their status for tax purposes and the tax effects of their acts or transactions. There are, however, areas in which the IRS will not issue rulings or determination letters.

Effective Date

This revenue procedure applies to all ruling requests pending with or received by the IRS on or after June 21, 2022.

Rev. Proc. 2022-3, I.R.B. 2022-1, is amplified.

Virginia—Multiple Taxes: Biennial Budget Legislation Containing Tax Provisions Enacted | via Wolters Kluwer IntelliConnect*

Virginia enacted biennial budget bills that contain a variety of retail sales and use, cigarette, tobacco products, and other tax provisions.

The text of the bills are available on the Virginia State Budget website.

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