MSATP’s Favorite Podcasts

A podcast is an audio show that you can listen to online — it’s basically like on-demand radio on the Internet. There are thousands of podcasts out there about various subjects, some of which include business, celebrities, professional development, news and politics, and more. They’re easily accessible both on mobile devices, and on computers (check out those links to see how you can listen to them).

On our Facebook Live last week, MSATP President Ellen Silverstein and Kait LeDonne of LeDonne Branding & Marketing discussed their favorite professional development and accounting podcasts. Check them out below!


Professional Development


1. Lewis Howes School of Greatness

The School of Greatness podcast has grown rapidly to be one of the top-ranked Business and Self-Development podcasts in iTunes. It regularly appears in the Top 50 of all iTunes podcasts, and gets downloaded over 2 million times per month.

Episodes range from interviews with incredible world-class game changers in entrepreneurship, health, athletics, mindset, and relationships, to solo rounds with the host, Lewis Howes. It’s super fun and he always features awesome guests like Tony Robbins, Alanis Morsette, and more. It’s a great leadership development podcast.


2. How I Built This With Guy Raz

This NPR produced podcast features founders of companies like Lyft, Lululemon, Stitch Fix, and other pioneers. There was an episode featuring Kate and Andy Spade just a few weeks before Kate’s death, and it was so incredible hearing how they built the brand together. This podcast gives you access to the top business minds, and it’s the perfect way to inspire you at the beginning of your day.


3. Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire, or EOFire as its fans affectionately refer to it, is hosted by John Lee Dumas. Like “How I Built This,” John features entrepreneurs and asks them about their journey. EOFire isn’t just about household business names you hear about — it’s the everyday entrepreneur he talks to, and he makes it a point to ask about their setbacks and hardest moments as a business owner. It feels real and relatable, and it reminds entrepreneurs that you aren’t alone in this journey!




1. Bigger Pockets

The Bigger Pockets Podcast, hosted by Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner, is about growing wealth with smart investment. Dorkin and Turner take on investing like smarter morning drive-time guys, with wonky humor and in-your-face enthusiasm. Previous topics include negotiating (with an FBI hostage negotiator) and real estate investing. To paraphrase Chief Brody in Jaws, you’re gonna need bigger pockets – for all the money you’ll make!


2. Accountants Doing Cool Sh!t

This is about exactly what its title implies – accountants who are using their skills, knowledge, and creativity to do some interesting, innovative, and unusual things. Lifestyle Accountant, a worldwide networking group, provides services to accounting freelancers and entrepreneurs, including the economic podcast, populated by exciting new voices in the field.


3. Future of Accounting with Danetha Doe

This is a great podcast for business owners seeking to attract young professionals. Danetha Doe is one of the Millennial generation’s top thought leaders and ambassadors, attracting attention from Huffington Post, Xero, and Wells Fargo for her expertise. Her podcast, Future of Accounting, is targeted at young people heading into accounting, including students and young professionals just starting their careers. Danetha Doe doesn’t just host the Future of Accounting – she is the future of accounting.


4. The Abacus Show

The Abacus Show, hosted by Bob the CPA from Abacus U, brings top accounting professionals, influencers, and experts into informative, entertaining financial podcasts. Bob, whose Abacus U offers online courses in topics like resume building and using LinkedIn effectively, covers crucial issues for accountants and accounting students like joining professional organizations and going digital.


Of course, the cool thing about podcasts is different ones appeal to different people. Do you have a podcast that you love or produce? Let us know in the comments! Plus, don’t forget to tune into our Facebook Live all about podcasts here.