Wolters Kluwer CCH CPELink

Our self-study courses let you dive deeply into specific topics as well as brush up on the fundamentals of your practice area. These convenient courses are mobile-friendly and interactive. Best of all, they can be done when it’s most convenient for you. There’s no need to drive to a class at a scheduled time and date — it can all be done at home or on the go if that’s what suits your needs. We offer our online courses individually, as value bundles, certificate programs and as learning paths. If you need a couple of credits on a specific topic, our individual courses make it simple to earn those credits. And our learning paths and certificate programs are ideal for those working toward specific career goals.

To keep yourself up to date on hot topics in your industry, you can easily access live webinars from CCH CPELink.  These webinars are also one of the fastest, most convenient ways to earn CPE credits. Most of our webinars offer 2 CPE credits for a 100-minute presentation. The webinars don’t require you to take a test, and they allow you to chat with a knowledgeable instructor about complex topics.

CCH CPELink knows that to be effective, learning needs to be self-directed and on your terms, which is why our courses can be purchased individually as needed or you can sign up for a subscription that will help you meet your CPE requirements on an ongoing basis. All of our subscription levels come with our easy-to-use CPE Compliance Manager, which helps you track your progress, meet CPE deadlines, and fulfill specific topic requirements.