Did you know that most people pay too much for their monthly bills? And that they don’t have to? Americans overpay by $60 billion every year for essential services like Internet, phone, and cable.

Service providers count on the fact that people won’t ask for better rates, or that they won’t know what to say to get a better deal. MSATP is teaming up Viv (VEEV) with a product called “Autopilot” to help you and your clients save money on all those bills. Autopilot Bill Negotiation is an exclusive perk for members of MSATP.

You Upload Your Bill, We Lower Your Bills. For Example, MSATP Executive Director Sandy Steinwedel saved $912 on her cable bill, and member Barry Markowitz saved $1500 on his cell phone bill.

2020 has proven to be a year that clients will need your expert guidance more than ever. Autopilot Bill Negotiation is the perfect solution to save clients on their everyday bills. MSATP members may also decide to become an affiliate and create an additional revenue stream for your practice.

In addition to Autopilot Bill Negotiation, Viv has several other services designed to help people save money and Live Life better! One-click here and you can start uploading bills today.

Plus, fore more details about this benefit, check out this flyer.