Every MSATP membership now includes complimentary access to Verifyle Legacy Pro!

That means Verifyle’s premium, ultra-secure online file-sharing and messaging service is available at no cost to MSATP members!

Interested in using Verifyle? Head over to their website by clicking here to sign up for your free account. Be sure you use the email address you have on file with MSATP to register!


What is Verifyle?

Verifyle is a simple-to-use cloud storage and sharing tool that offers the most powerful encryption technology available on the web (Cellucrypt®), using six unique encryption keys for each individual item stored or shared in Verifyle.

What Does My Verifyle Pro Account Include?

You’ll have access to unlimited use of Verifyle’s digital signatures capability, where you can request to have your clients sign, date, and initial documents inside Verifyle. Not only does Verifyle help to keep your communications private and secure, but it also provides a polished and professional way to present yourself to existing and prospective clients. Your account will have a capacity of 1500 workspaces.

Have more questions? Visit for details!