TASC is a proud partner of MSATP and their membership bringing compliant tax saving programs to their small business clients for over 20 years.

Healthcare deductions for small businesses are changing during these tough times. New regulations are making over the counter items, Healthcare Sharing Ministries (HCSM) and Primary Care plans more deductible through HRA’s, so now is time to contact Gene at TASC to see if your small business clients can save thousands with a TASC BizPlan 105 HRA.

Your small business clients that pay for their own insurance can save thousands in tax by setting up an HRA- TASC’s BizPlan. We are simply turning what normally would be considered self-employed health insurance deductions or non-qualified itemizations into a business expense. Many of your small business clients that pay their own insurance and do not have any unrelated full time employees should use this HRA.

TASC Audit guarantees these plans so you and your clients have peace of mind.

Medical/Healthcare Reimbursement program (1 Employee 105 HRA)

Who qualifies to use our 105 HRA BizPlan? Self-employed clients, Mom and Pops with 1 benefit eligible employee. Sole Props need to hire the spouse, Corporations with the owner on a W-2 (no spousal hiring needed). What types of clients qualify?  Realtors, the Trades, 1099’s, Consultants, Small Family only businesses, ETC. If there’s a big Out of Pocket expense, it may be completely deductible through an HRA.

TASC, as a leader in the Benefit Administrator marketplace, has created the Universal Benefit Account which will bring HRA’s, HSA’s and Flex benefits onto one easy to use platform. The Universal Benefit Account is the future of employee benefits.


Universal Benefit Account


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