Mountain Entities

(M.E.) Mountain Entities, Inc., established in 2014, is the newest Corporate Sponsor and Strategic Alliance Partner of MSATP, but in no means a stranger.  We have worked closely with many of you over the past 20 years with a well known Third Party Administrator.  We provide all of the compliance necessary with any desired Health and Welfare Benefits, but ALL “Snapped“ together.  Because we have one of the most cost-effective benefit solutions, this year it was TIME to take all of that knowledge and create the 4 legged stool approach, and “Snap” it all together.  Mountain Entities Inc. connects the Client,  Accountant, Insurance Advisor, and the TPA to save employers 10-40 % on Insurance with Hospitals and Rx’s all while including full compliance.  We have the ability for HR to Snap Benefits and Compliance in seconds via Text,  E-mail and Phone Communication to every employee.  This is where “SNAP” Communication for HR and Managing Employees has no comparison.

Where Healthcare is concerned, we believe in the Reference Based Pricing Insurance Model.  Employers can pay Wholesale for Benefits rather than Retail, Connecting Compliance and putting it all together with a one of a kind (SNAPAdmin) System which takes Healthcare to a completely different level.  Ask for a quick presentation.

What do you have to lose, other than Time and Money? Ask M.E.

Barbara Gordon & Dana Brunn | (443) 676-5308 |