CCH TaxAware

Walters Kluwer Tax & Accounting offers innovative, integrated and customer-focused solutions that support the workflow of CPAs, corporate tax and accounting departments, and auditors – enabling growth, enhancing productivity and increasing profitability. Our expert analysis, authoritative content, high-quality software applications and integrated workflow productivity tools allow professionals to turn information into action.

Quickly and easily get answers to all your federal and state tax questions in one place!  Don’t waste time searching various resources for crucial news and information that you need quickly.  Housed on our powerhouse platform, CCH® IntelliConnect®, the Wolters Kluwer TaxAware Center has all the state and federal tax news, information and tools necessary for today’s tax professional.  For additional information on this benefit, click here.

The Maryland Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals has partnered with Wolters Kluwer to offer this online research tool through CCH’s Intelliconnect® software.  Once you register, you will receive a daily report on tax news, updates, and information in one summarized document.  To register for this FREE service, click here.

For instructions on how to set up an account and log in, click here. Once you have registered/created a new account, you may log in here.

For instructions on how to set up Tracker News, watch this video. For resources related to COVID-19, click here.

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