Don’t Forget Those Updates!

by Walter Moore

Recently I was asked about issues with a co-workers laptop regarding functionality. We were trying to figure out why the webcam quality was low, and the device was having glitches with ethernet connectivity. The first thing that came to mind was the ethernet cord itself. Simple solution first right? Then thinking back to my career prior to joining MSATP I remembered “the drivers!”

One thing that I noticed in the past, was even the IT tech support companies people hire for small office seem to forget the drivers especially for Dell computers. Most simply do the Windows updates and consider it done in the initial setup phase. The drivers will simply be missed and you might have 5 or more on a brand new laptop! What I found especially in my time dealing with Dell computers is Dell will release their own patch updates for the various components in their own computers. This relates to the webcam, docking station, USB drivers and whole host of other components in your laptop. If you do not update the drivers you can have a list of uncorrected “bugs” on your machine that have probably been driving you nuts. If you’re like me and have a machine with graphics capabilities utilizing a GeForce brand graphics card then there are routine updates for that component as well.

If you are a Dell owner simply type “Dell updates” in the search bar next to the windows icon in the bottom of your screen to bring up the driver updating software and click check for updates. There will also be a a read out there to tell you if and when the last Dell updates were installed. Give it a try, you might install a solution for that glitch you thought you needed a new laptop or computer for.

If you have any questions please contact walter@msatp.org!