Consistency is Key; Creating the Culture of “Want”

As I sit in the terminal in Salt Lake City, Utah, I am reminded of a trip I took a few years back with my wife.

I was working with a client, and we chose to spend a few extra days in this wonderfully beautiful part of our country.

The one thing that struck me the most was the deep cultural happiness, politeness and willingness to offer a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Not just the hotel where we stayed, not just the horse farm we saddled up to ride the hills of Utah, not just the restaurants we frequented, not just the Olympic bobsled ride we took at a nail-biting 65 miles and hour, not just the cab ride both to and from the airport, not just the movie theatre we grabbed the latest show, but every single interaction and experience with each aspect of our visit.

I know you might be thinking… the faith of the region promotes this unique culture, but the point I am trying to make is that it was consistent…across the board…everyone on board!  That to me was not just awesome, it was eye-opening.

So how do we then create the same type of consistency within our teams? A level of excellence where everyone is engaged, enthusiastic, committed and confident in their day-to-day execution of your company’s mission.

Well, there’s a good starting point: Does you company actually have a mission, a vision, a set of values that drive your employees forward on a daily basis? Good question!!

The end result or goal that I offer every company I am blessed to work with is something called a “Line of One Culture”—the ability to create a solid and unified force of people and energy, focused on accomplishing the same mission”.

There’s that word again—MISSION.

In order for any company to offer “a perfect product, delivered by caring friendly people, in a timely way”, you must have a mission that everyone can believe in and commit to on a consistent (daily) basis.

So, your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to revisit the over-reaching reason why you open the doors everyday.

Is it to make money? Fine!  Is it to grow world-class, exquisite plants? Great! Is it to keep the family business for one more generation? Perfect!

But the big question…one worth asking yourself everyday Mr. and Mrs. Owner is “Why do I get up everyday to do this?”

I can tell you this–your employees are asking the very same question every single day, and if their answer is “because I have to,” you may not have the consistent workplace for your plants and people to thrive and survive.

If their answer is “because I want to,” than you have the kind of environment that can grow, build and transform your culture, your clients and your future.

Which is your answer—Do I “have” to or do I “want” to?

I am always delighted to create systems within organizations that promote the culture of “want”.

Ones that celebrate successes, ones that support the training needs of the organization, ones that quickly address issues, ones that strive to not do a bunch of stuff “well”, but executes a handful of things better than any other competitor—“great”!

God gave us two hands to make our lives simple.  Let’s not overly complicate things.  We should all create a culture where there are “five things that you manage every day” to a high level of accuracy and commitment, and then there are “five things that you master everyday” without exception, without negotiation! These are your “mission possible” items.

Left hand and right hand—simple!

When you align your team and your company to these 10 objectives, tie them into your mission, feed the employees the top three meals they hunger (Motivation, Communication, Delegation), and do this everyday to a level of consistency that stands heads above the competition, your will have found your “Line of One Culture”

Final Thought:

I would rather be consistently mediocre than inconsistently great. At least I know what I am getting on a consistent basis.  Somewhat sarcastic and snarky, but so very true!

How do you become consistently great is your next big MISSION.

PS:  I have now arrived at my destination in Boise. I am staying at the Hampton Inn—consistently a great brand every single time!!!

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