Computer a Little Slow? A Possible Solution!

by Walter Moore

With these new laptops out here, especially the higher end workhorses good can be made better! If you have an older premium end laptop, you probably paid a nice amount money when you purchased it. As time goes on and applications get bigger and more advanced you may notice your computer slowing down. This is due to how much RAM or memory the application uses for the newer and more advanced features.

Most premium end laptops do not come maxxed out on memory as surprisingly as that sounds. So if you find it being slow, if you are into working on your own computer you can open up the computer and take out the “stock memory” and put in a larger and more capable set of memory cards. So if your computer’s motherboard can handle up to 32 GB and you only have 16 GB of memory you have plenty of room for growth. This will not only be a simple upgrade but it will save you from buying a new laptop for another few years.

Be mindful there is a lot of different types of memory cards out there and you will need to see the capacities of your motherboard. The best place to start is to look up your computer’s model number so you can see what type of memory card you need and what the maximum is. Another resource is your IT support company as they will be able to do the research and possibly the install.

I hope this tip saves you money and helps you to get a little more life out of your current computer before replacement.

If you’d like to reach out to me, please do so a walter@msatp.org.