Adobe Reader DC versus Adobe Reader Pro DC

I think I can speak for many when I say Adobe is rather confusing with their product offerings at times. For some services they offer two products whether it is web-based or software installed on your computer such as Adobe Lightroom for our photography lovers, or in this case Adobe Reader DC versus Adobe Reader Pro DC. This article may help you understand the differences and may even shed some light on features you may be missing!

Let’s start with the free version which is listed as Adobe Reader on the Adobe website. This is a free software from Adobe which you can view comment, print and sign PDFs (limited). This is the basic Adobe most folks probably have used since they were introduced to Adobe. This would be similar to Google PDF viewer for those who like the Google suite. It is a great program, but it has it’s limitations, which unless you have ever used the Pro program you might never realize what you are missing out on.

So, let’s look at the pro version. This like most Adobe programs now is subscription based. You will pay monthly for the service ($14.99) and you get a whole host of features. For example have you ever scanned a set of documents and realized after you have pages in the incorrect order? With the pro version you can simply rearrange the documents to your choosing. You even have the ability to sign any document utilizing your adobe signature. One feature I really like in the pro version is the redact feature. In my lifetime I’ve had people who have poor quality scans with blotches or just unsightly things that need fixing. Using the redact feature I can erase those blotches quickly and easily. It is a lot like Photoshop for a document.

I hope this tip helps!

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