A Zoom Secret?

by Walter Moore

While things are slowly returning to normal, one thing from the pandemic that will continue are virtual meetings and webinars. While we discussed in a previous blog ways to increase the resolution of your Zoom meetings, one aspect of it I was not aware of, and had been brought to my attention by Ryan Jennings of TaxSpeaker (thanks Ryan). They have a hidden HD setting that you do not control. Interesting right?

So for most with professional plans or business plans your max resolution is in fact 640p which they classify as “HD.” Now to the average consumer we think of a HD setting as 720p or 1080p with the “Super HD” settings being 4k and now 8k. To get to the new 720p and higher resolution settings you will have to chat/call Zoom and request the higher resolutions. Currently, for their professional plan that is 720p and for the business plan they offer a 1080p resolution. You will still need a camera and good connection to give you the best resolution, but this is something to think about for your meetings. If you’re paying for Zoom you might as well get all you’re paying for.

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