A Standing Desk? Give it a Try!

by Walter Moore

I remember when Varidesk was the new hot advertised item for offices when they arrived on the scene in 2013. These compact yet interesting pieces of engineering fit on just about any desk, were capable of holding two or more screens and at the squeeze of two levers and a little pull, could transform into a standing desk for a host of benefits including easing back pain brought on by sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Soon Varidesk would begin to offer other options including desks themselves that could transform.

Fast foward to 2020 and now 2021, most of us have gone to a work from home setting where we are using subpar office furniture for office use. Now I’m sure many including myself have developed new aches and pains within this setting and are looking for some relief. While a Varidesk is probably the most well known leader for these standing desk options I recently found a new little less expensive option while browsing Sam’s Club, Costco and even Amazon, an electronic standing desk. These come in a wide variety of finishings to match the house decor but their most amazing feature is now at the push of a button the table will raise and lower completely on it’s own. Once you’ve achieved the desired height you can save the setting by pushing and holding one of it’s numbered preset options. Many even have a display which lets you know how high the table is raised so you can see where it’s set and have a more precise measurement of what is going on.

Costco and Sam’s Club members can find these electric desks in the office supply sections of the stores next to where you would find office supplies and furniture. If you are a prime member with Amazon simply search “electric desk” and you will a host of styles, colors and options to choose from delivered to your door. Some desks even have wireless charging for your cell phone which I find is a nice added touch.

I hope this tip helps you relieve some of the aches and pains from the work from home environment.

If you need help please feel free to reach out to me by email walter@msatp.org.